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Rivington & Adlington Brass Band has had a long history. M D Smiths book on Rivington indicates that as per Rivington Church parish records there was a mention of the band starting in1864.

The band has a busy schedule of events and brass band contests in and around Chorley, Bolton and across the Northwest UK.​

The Rivington & Adlington Brass Band has players across the whole age range with brass band members from various different backgrounds and professions. We enjoy our music and the great social life of the band.

The Rivington & Adlington Brass Band has built a solid reputation for providing quality entertainment in the field of brass music with a traditional and unique style. The repertoire includes the full spectrum from light popular music both old and new through operatic, film and light orchestral works to the serious original brass band music performed by talented soloists and supported by a collection of fine musicians.

The aim of the band is to consistently provide music of the highest quality at a cost which reflects outstanding value for money.

This website will provide the latest news, contest results, band vacancies and latest events for the Rivington & Adlington Brass Band.​

If you would like to book Rivington & Adlington Brass Band, please proceed to our contacts page.

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